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Subscribing to Circular is simple!
1. Choose a device and subscription period.
2. Upon subscription approval, the device will be delivered straight to your home.
3. You’ll be billed monthly starting from the date of delivery.
4. At the end of your subscription, you may choose to continue, upgrade, or terminate. We’ll arrange for the device to be picked up.
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Your subscription starts once the device is successfully delivered and ends once your chosen subscription period elapses.
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Stressing about broken displays, water damage, or extreme wear is a thing of the past. All devices come with Damage Cover. This means you are covered for 90% of repair or replacement costs if you accidentally damage your device. Find out more about Damage Cover here.

Before the device is collected back from you, we’ll send you clear instructions on how to factory reset the device so any information stored will be completely removed.
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Find more answers in our comprehensive FAQ section, or chat with us using the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of your screen.