Simply choose the gadget you want on our website and decide on your subscription period. Make your payment for the 1st month at checkout and we will deliver the item to you!


Enjoy your tech! We will bill you on the same day every month and cover 90% of repair costs in cases of damage.


Simply arrange a pickup from your home when the subscription ends. We will pick it up and our security experts will wipe the device clean of any remaining data. Want to keep it longer? Extend your subscription, upgrade to the newest model by getting another subscription.

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Great condition

We inspect, refurbish and clean all devices so that every product you get is in mint condition.


Enjoy your device with ease, since your subscription covers 90% of repair or replacement costs.

Best support

Message us for prompt support when you face concerns with your devices or subscriptions.

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Frequently asked questions

Subscribing to Circular is simple.
1. Choose your minimum subscription period from 1 to 12+ months. Longer subscriptions are cheaper and you can switch to a longer-term to save.
2. Your device will be delivered to your home and billed monthly from the delivery date.
3. After your minimum term has expired, you can continue to subscribe or end your subscription by returning it free of charge.

By default, your monthly subscription will continue until you notify us that you want to terminate your subscription. You cannot terminate your subscription until the end of your minimum subscription period. When your subscription period is ending, you can inform us of your device returns via WhatsApp: +65 8587 8356 or chat with us using the widget on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Every product you rent on Circular is covered with our Circular Protect damage cover from the very first day. With Circular Protect, you are covered for 90% of repair or replacement costs if you accidentally damage your device. Stressing about broken displays, water damage, or extreme wear is a thing of the past. We also don’t charge and fees for ordinary wear and tear. With Circular Protect, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the latest tech. For all the details see here.

We will be doing a factory reset for you to remove all data stored in your subscription device. Do back up your data on your other devices before returning the device to us.

Fret not! Do contact us via WhatsApp: +65 8587 8356 or use the widget on the bottom right corner. We will reply to you very shortly.