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Subscribe to the best tech.
Power your teams, your business and your bottom line.

Subscribe to the best tech. Power your teams, your business and your bottom line.

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Turn CapEx into predictable OPEX with affordable monthly prices.


Every device comes with Damage Cover with 90% of damage costs included.


Choose the right subscription to suit your business needs. Today and as you grow.


Our IT experts will erase any forgotten data upon return of your devices. Guaranteed.

Get started by choosing the right Circular subscription for your needs

Subscription details*

Subscription details*



Location & delivery

Australia, Singapore


Australia, Singapore


Minimum subscription period

12 months

24 months

Early termination option

Free Damage Cover

Courtesy devices during repair

Sell & lease-back existing devices

Coming soon

Coming soon

Access to Customer Service

*Terms and conditions apply

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No problems. We’ll work with you to understand your tech needs and put a package together that suits your budget and business.

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Easy pricing ‘cause maths should be left to Accountants

Our business subscriptions are designed to balance affordability and flexibility.

  • All subscriptions comprise of two types of payments: for the first month there is a Launch Fee alongside the regular monthly fee

  • For subsequent months, you will only need to pay the monthly fee

  • The ongoing monthly subscription cost differs and reflects the length of commitment and flexibility

  • View our current Circular for Business products and pricing here

Stress free protection on
all Circular devices

We’re proud to offer free Damage Cover* on all devices, ensuring your business stays connected.

  • Cover for 90% of repair costs for technical defects, display breaks,
    water damage, heavy wear and tear etc

  • Should the damage require a little longer to fix, no problems. We’ll provide a replacement device* during repairs

Timing is everything

Have you just invested in new devices and want your cash flow back? Done. [Coming Soon]

  • You can sell your new devices to Circular, and then subscribe to them*

  • Smart business is turning your assets into working capital, and then never owning again

We’re here to help

Should you damage a device, want to upgrade, add new devices (or just say hello) our Customer Service team is on hand.

  • We’re available via email, phone or via our chat function

  • We’ll support you as you grow with a dedicated Account Manager assigned to our larger business subscribers


Is my business eligible?

If your company is headquartered in Australia or Singapore,
then yes - you’re eligible.

How quickly can I get up and running with my Circular devices?

Once your first month payment is made, Circular will deliver your devices within 10 business days. Delivery can be made to your HQ or to any location where your employee is working remotely (e.g. employee’s home) in Australia or Singapore.

The details of each device, including the serial number, will be provided to you for your records.

*What’s some of the fine print?

  • While we make every effort to ensure your courtesy device during repair is like-for-like, we’re unable to guarantee this

  • Our Flexi for Business subscription has an early termination option that is equivalent to three months subscription cost per device

  • Lease back agreements will be subject to specific Terms and Conditions. Please contact us for more information

  • All subscriptions will be covered by a Master Lease Agreement and an Equipment Lease Contract. These will be shared as part of the approval process

How does Circular ensure your company privacy?

Data privacy is as important to Circular, as we know it is to you. When a device is handed back to us, our in-house IT experts ensure it’s wiped clean of any data or sensitive information that might remain. Guaranteed.

What happens if a device gets damaged?

No problems. We understand it’s part of doing business. That’s why all Circular subscriptions come with free Damage Cover, which covers 90% of the cost of repairing technical defects, display breaks, water damage, heavy wear and tear etc.

So rest easy. Contact our Customer Service and we’ll do our best to find the quickest solution to your issue.

Can I have both Flexi and Saver subscriptions?

Short answer, yes. Circular is focused on matching your subscriptions to your business needs. It’s up to you to choose the best one for each device. You can have laptops on Saver and mobile phones on Flexi (a good option if you like to upgrade to the new release every year).   If you have a new starter, you can set up a new subscription for them based on the devices they need and the term that suits you. Not sure - just ask us.

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